CHI 2023 Global Plaza

The CHI 2023 Global Plaza is organized by Global Inclusion and Equity Initiative. The goals of Global Plaza are to foster global inclusion and equity and decrease barriers to collaboration among CHI communities worldwide.

The Global Plaza is a meeting place for CHI chapters worldwide to showcase their activities, research, researchers, and discuss diverse ideas. We hope you will make meaningful connections through your participation in the Global Plaza.

It is run in a hybrid format connecting people across the world pushing the frontier of human computer interaction.

For details and how to participate see the Global Plaza site.

Sustainable Travel in and around Hamburg

Hamburg has a very good public transport system including buses, trams, S-Bahn, and regional trains. Your conference badge includes a public transport ticket for the duration of #CHI2023. Pick up your badge and you are good to go in the area A-F (see this map) – which is the complete city and some of the neighboring regions. Taking public transport is easy and a sustainable way to get around. You can find public transport options in Google Maps, using the HVV App or webpage (

On Sunday (April 23rd, first day of CHI2023) is also the Hamburg marathon – probably too late to start training or register, but it is good to plan a bit more time for getting to the conference center as some roads are closed, see

Hamburg is also very walkable, there are rental bikes and rental scooters.

Early bird registration deadline extension and CHI2023 program


CHI 2023 is happening in Hamburg, Germany, and online on April 23-28! We’re excited to share the conference program with you: We had over 5000 content items submitted and selected over 1500 to be presented in the conference.

The technical program will feature paper presentations, along with Case Studies, SIGs, Panels and alt.chi. The Exhibit Hall will host late-breaking work, student competitions and doctoral consortium posters, a lounge area, and the commercial exhibits. We have two exciting keynote speakers. You can also still register for any of the Courses that still have space available.

The registration for CHI 2023 is open. Register by March 20th to receive the early bird discounts!

CHI 2023 will be offered as a hybrid event, available for both in-person and online attendance, as described here:

We have discounts for some countries (see the country categories H and I at bottom of the registration page) for both the online and in-person registration.

We also ask you to familiarize yourself with the Policy against Discrimination and Harassment:

There is a lot of helpful information at to help you plan for the conference, including:

  • Hamburg travel information, to help get around the city and find the convention center.
  • In-person and Virtual conference information.
  • Information from the Local Chairs about things to do and places to go.
  • Convention Center information.
  • Hotel and housing information.

We look forward to hosting you in-person or online from Hamburg, Germany!

Warm regards,
Albrecht Schmidt and Kaisa Väänänen
CHI 2023 General Chairs
[email protected]

Nitesh “Tesh” Goyal, Per Ola Kristensson and Anicia Peters
CHI 2023 Technical Programme Chairs
[email protected]

Announcing the Keynote Speakers at CHI2023

Elizabeth Churchill
Kaisa Väänänen
Albrecht Schmidt

Elizabeth Churchill, CHI2023 Keynote Chair
Kaisa Väänänen and Albrecht Schmidt, CHI2023 Conference Co-Chairs

We are excited to announce our keynote speakers for CHI2023 in Hamburg: Eva Wolfangel and Peter Kariuki.

Eva is a journalist and writer who has interviewed hackers and victims of cybercrime. She will unpack the complex human element in cybercrime and discuss why new directions in cybersecurity are necessary to keep us safe. Being safe in a digital world cannot be achieved by technology alone, it requires understanding humans, and their desires, hopes, and fears.
Peter is a software engineer and entrepreneur who is passionate about digital innovation. He is excited about the potential digital technological innovation offers to address societal problems. With the start-up SafeMotos he created a ride-sharing solution that works in Rwanda. He shares with us his perspective on the optimistic and vibrant young entrepreneurial community in Africa.

Have a look at the CHI2023 website for more details:

Making CHI 2023 even more globally-inclusive with the Global Plaza!

Apply for the Gary Marsden Travel Award if you need financial support beyond what is provided by CHI. GMTA covers for example additional childcare at home or travel companion tickets for caregivers of infants. Application deadline when attending CHI23 is March 9th. See here for details:

Jordan Deja
Cuauhtemoc Rivera Loaiza
Cuauhtemoc Rivera Loaiza

Jordan Aiko Deja, Cuauhtemoc Rivera Loaiza and Marisol Wong-Villacres, CHI 2023 Global Plaza Chairs

In the conference’s recent editions, the CHI Conferences organisers have introduced the Global Inclusion and Equity Initiative (also known as Global Plaza) to make the conference one step closer towards being more welcoming to newcomers and inclusive to all. The organisers recognise that participants, especially those from the Global South, experience additional challenges and need extra support to join and participate with the broader CHI community.

In response to this, the CHI 2023 Global Inclusion and Equity Chairs present to you again the 2023 edition of Global Plaza as part of the CHI Conference.

We invite you to look at our website for more information. Website:

Success of the previous edition

The CHI 2022 organising committee had the vision to make the flagship conference of SIGCHI their most inclusive and equitable version yet. And to achieve that goal the Global Inclusion and Equity Initiative was formed. The team was formed by Susan Dray, Annu Sible Prabhakar, Cuauhtemoc Rivera-Loaiza, Marisol Wong-Villacres and Eiad Yafi, with the invaluable collaboration of Jones Yeboah. The main result of this initiative was the Global Plaza (GP) project, which had as its main objective to provide a space (whether it was virtual or physical), for the exchange of ideas and fostering cross-collaboration between all attendees.

It was a resounding success, with more than 150 attendees to all the sessions, most of them over Zoom, and one on-site. In every session there was an evident demand of having this type of space available for everyone to join in. We hope that GP can become a tradition in all CHI conferences going forward.

What’s in store for this year

One of the Global Plaza goals is to make the conference more inclusive to those who need it and to provide a welcoming environment to those from underrepresented backgrounds. We have prepared the following events for you in this edition which will take place both in-person and virtually:

  • Showcase research from Student (Game/Design/Research) Competitions.
  • Language-Exchange and Language-specific sessions (such as but not limited to Spanish-only, German-only, and Chinese-only)
  • Conversations with SIGCHI executive members and researchers from other regions
  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking with chapters and researchers in nearby regions

Support and Funding

We are working closely with the different funding mechanisms to be able to help those experiencing challenges in participating in the CHI Conference. We are currently working on securing support such as:

  • Assisting students in preparing their Gary Marsden Travel Award (GMTA) application
  • Helping the young researchers to acquire their SIGCHI membership so they can apply for GMTA and get discounts when registering
  • Support for registration (both virtual and in-person)

How to Apply for Support

The Global Plaza Chairs are constantly seeking newer ways to help and support those who experience challenges participating in the CHI community. If you encounter specific difficulties or challenges, we invite you to submit them through these forms. If these forms do not address your issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through [email protected].

Lime Survey:

How Can I Help?

In the spirit of building bridges and nurturing connections, the Global Plaza initiative is also open for more volunteers who are willing to extend a helping hand in making the CHI Conference more globally inclusive. If you would like to volunteer at activities such as helping virtual attendants feel welcome at Global Plaza, spreading the word about this event, leading sessions in your native language, or have any new ideas for the event, please reach out to us via email at [email protected].

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